AURORA Straps at UCI Track World Cup in London

This weekend the UCI Track World Cup in London took place and after looking on the results and some picture, we couldn’t be happier. Our man Maximilian Levy won second place in the Men’s Sprint competition, again sporting our AURORA vs. KEIRIN Straps! Chris Hoy won first place and Robert Förstermann came in on the third place. Great to see professionals using our gear. Looking forward to the Olympic Games this summer.


20120219-UCI-Track-World Cup-Round-4-0117
20120217-UCI-Track-World Cup-Round-4-0484

20120218-UCI-Track-World Cup-Round-4-0396
20120217-UCI-Track-World Cup-Round-4-0043
20120218-UCI-Track-World Cup-Round-4-0490

Pictures by
via Keirin and TRACKO.


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