• Christmas Accessoire Sale! Get 25% off…

     - posted on 26/11/2014

    Accessoires SaleHej,
    i’ll keep it short! Black Friday is everywhere and I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon.
    But Christmas is near and I would like to invite you to check out the AURORA Accessoire Sale! If you are searching for a nice gift, this might be a good chance.
    With the discount code “christmas2014″ you get 25% off all accessoires and of course free world wide shipping for your order! This includes all AURORA Tech Keychains. This discount code is valid from now on until the 6th december!

    So have a look at our new products and i’m sure they would make great gifts!

    All the best and happy pre-christmas shopping,


    Accessoire Sale Coupon

  • A Cycling Kit in the making!

     - posted on 08/03/2014

    One month ago we announced the AURORA x RAD RACE Cycling Kit Collection. In the last weeks the good people at Nalini in Italy are doing their best to produce these high quality cycling gear for us.
    Check out these images coming directly from the production facility in italy.
    Great to see how the first thoughts, the design and everything comes to live with great craftsmanship.

    The AURORA x RAD RACE Cycling Kit Collection will be officially released at this years Berliner Fahrrad Schau taking place 22 – 23 May 2014.

    Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

    AURORA x RAD RACE Cycling Kit

  • AURORA Fall/Winter 2013 drop – Christmas Raffle

     - posted on 13/12/2013

    AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013

    Time is running, it’s christmas again.
    And finally the AURORA Fall/Winter 2013 drop is ready. It’s a fine selection of essentials, with the focus on quality and the small details.
    I’m very proud on the new AURORA knitted hats, they are Made in Germany. The highest quality possible with great virgin wool and fine merino wool, manufactured by a old Family Business with all their experience and craftsmanship. The AURORA knitted hats are available in marine.
    AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013

    Besides this I’m also happy to introduce the AURORA Technical Keychain. It features a patented magnetic FidLock slider to easy release the keys, but also securely hold them in place. But it get’s more technical with the also patented Freekey keyring, it allows to easily add or remove keys without any stress.
    The AURORA Technical Keyring features a YKK velcro closure to attach it to your belt, backpack, MOLLE system or everywhere else you can think of.
    This Keychain is Made in Germany aswell.
    AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013

    Alongside these products this drop also includes a selection of AURORA Snapback Caps (in Crewneck. All with subtle “Above” detailing.

    Check out the webshop, everything is available now!

    And what about the raffle?

    Christmas is coming, the year is nearly over.
    Let’s make it simple, i’m giving away three AURORA packages.
    Every package consists of one AURORA Technical Keychain + some suprise goodies.

    It’s really easy to enter this one:

    1. Like AURORA on facebook if you haven’t already
    2. Share this blog post on facebook.
    3. Leave a comment with your prefered AURORA hat below this blog post

    The raffle is open until sunday the 31th of december 23:59 (GMT).
    I will randomly choose a winner with www.random.org and contact the lucky one via eMail,
    so please don’t forget to leave you eMail address.

    That’s it.

    Good luck and have some great last weeks in 2013!



  • Bike Check: Kenny’s Kagero 2013

     - posted on 23/03/2013

    There are so many AURORA Velcro Straps out there all over the world, why not show some nice builts with them?
    I started a (long) while ago with the godandfamous a label he is also running.


  • GUDE ZEIT #1!

     - posted on 13/01/2013

    “Gude Zeit” = “Good Times”

    That’s what’s it all about.

    The force that guides and moves us!
    My friend Lorenzo Taurino collected adventures, stories, anecdotes and photographs from his journies and added some more of close friends. All this composed in a neatly printed zine.
    Also included is the custom made AURORA x Bill Cosby Cycling Cap.
    I’m really proud to be a small part of this first issue.

    You get this zine for free with every order, just add it to your cart and other products.
    But feel free to donate something to GUDE ZEIT, if you like to support it and want to help to release more issues!

    Check it out online:
    Gude Zeit #1 at AURORA webshop

    GUDE ZEIT #1


    AURORA x REVERIE – a collaboration!

     - posted on 15/10/2012

    AURORA x REVERIE - Compact Messenger Bag - Limited Edition
    AURORA x REVERIE - Compact Messenger Bag - Limited Edition
    One year ago, two close friends of mine finally opened their own store called “Reverie“.
    They had a great year and gained a lot attention and positive feedback with their concept.
    Besides a nice selection of brands you just rarely find in german shops, they’ve also managed to keep it down to earth and really friendly. It’s always great to see happy customers around the store who just feel good visiting, talking or chilling there.

    We often talked about a collaboration and I thought it would be great to have something to celebrate their first year. So I started the collaboration on my own as a suprise.
    On the last saturday they celebrated their birthday with close friends and customers. With DJ, cake and drinks it was a nice event and a good opportunity to finally reveal this collaboration!

    The result is a highly limited and upgraded edition of the AURORA Compact Messenger Bag. Along all the other features I added a stabilizer belt, a custom Logo patch attached with velcro and also a additional layer of 1100D Cordura for the bottom.
    I only made 10 of them.
    To complete the look I also added a entirely new AURORA Hooded Zipper with a custom Logo patch, also limited to 10 pieces. This zipper is the first AURORA cut & sew piece.

    Both items are only available at the REVERIE store in Münster / Germany or on request.

    Make sure to check out the store, if you have the chance.

    AURORA x REVERIE - Compact Messenger Bag - Limited Edition
    AURORA x REVERIE - Compact Messenger Bag - Limited Edition
    AURORA x REVERIE - Compact Messenger Bag - Limited Edition
    AURORA x REVERIE - Hooded Zipper - Limited Edition
    AURORA x REVERIE - Hooded Zipper - Limited Edition

  • Mianzi Rei – Part 2

     - posted on 14/09/2012

    Mianzi Rei from Berlin / Part 2
    Not much to share these days, but as always I’m really busy.
    In the next weeks there will be some really really nice releases. So until then enjoy those pictures and stay tuned.
    Thanks again to Mianzi.

    Not to mention that she is rocking “Intl known” Shirt. Good looks.

    AURORA for good people.


    Mianzi Rei from Berlin / Part 2

  • AURORA and the Olympic Games 2012 in London

     - posted on 12/08/2012

    AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
    the Olympic Games are over and it was a great event. Though I sadly couldn’t be in London and attend the events, I watched Olympia over Streams and TV as often as possible.
    The good people in Great Britain did a great job and so did all the athletes.

    As some of you might have noticed in KEIRIN version) for a long time now and achieved several medals in other competitions, but the Olympic Games are hard to top.
    AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
    So to make it short. The Olympic Games were really successful, especially the Olympic Track Cycling Events and I feel proud to be a (really) small part of it. Kristina Vogel and Miriam Welte won the Gold Medal in the Women’s Team Sprint event. Kristina also made it to the 4th place in the Women’s Sprint.
    Maximilian Levy won the Bronze Medal with Rene Enders and Robert Förstermann in the Men’s Team Sprint. But this wasn’t all, the most-anticipaded event was the Men’s Keirin.
    Maxmilian Levy was focused and performed great in all Keirin races, for some seconds in the last round of the final he even overtook Sir Chris Hoy. But in the end Sir Chris Hoy could set free some extra power and got back the first place. It was a stunning race. Maxmilian Levy won the Silver Medal.

    Hats off to the German Team and thank you for using and trusting the AURORA straps!

    AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
    Please check out the websites of the German Track Team and support them.

    Maxmilian Levy
    Kristina Vogel
    Miriam Welte
    Rene Enders
    Robert Forstemann

    German Olympic Team

    AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
    Award ceremony with Maxmilian Levy (Silver), Sir Chris Hoy (Gold), Teun Mulder and Simon van Vemthooven (both Bronze). Photo by Phil Walter.

  • Principia Track – “Phantom”

     - posted on 04/08/2012

    "Phantom" - Principia Track
    I just wanted to post my beloved Principia to the Pedalroom website and thought that I could also post it here.
    Not much personal bike content here so far, so why not change this?
    The Principia is simply my favorite bike, it’s just subtle and beautiful all black. That’s why I use to call it “Phantom”.
    I’ve built it up more than 2,5 years ago and just rode it since then. I will never give it away, for me this one is not replaceable and it outlived a lot other frames/parts/bikes so far. The parts used in the current built are mostly chosen because of the weight and quality. Step by step I tried to push down the weight and in the current set-up the Principia weights only about 7,5 kg.
    "Phantom" - Principia Track
    I also really like the AURORA V1 velcro straps on this bike. These are one of the first prototypes made in early summer 2009. I’m not riding as hard as many others and not that long as so many couriers do everyday worldwide, but I’m happy that they still do well after more than 3 years. Compared to the AURORA Straps today, they look really crappy, but it is also good to see where it all started and how everything developed in the right direction.
    If you are interested in the parts, check this list:

    Principia Track Frame 2004
    Principia/Isaac 004 Fork – Carbon w/ Aluminium Steerer
    Stronglight O’Light Headset.

    Sugino RD-2 Messenger black
    MKS Sylvan Track with AURORA V1 Velcro Straps.
    Still one of the first ones from early Summer 2009!


    Shimano DuraAce 15t NJS Cog + KMC Z710 Chain

    Syntace Stratos 200 – S (39cm)
    Syntace F99 – 105mm

    Selle Italia Flite Titanium
    Ritchey Carbon WCS Seatpost


    Shimano 600 – BR-6208


    Front: Campagnolo Omega Hardox Strada rim laced to Gran Compe Hub with Michelin Pro3 Race Tire.
    Or FIR rim laced to Suntour Superbe Pro Hub, mostly for traveling issues.
    Rear: Campagnolo Omega Hardox Strada rim laced to Gran Compe Hub with Michelin Pro3 Race Tire.

    "Phantom" - Principia Track

  • AURORA on Instagram

     - posted on 28/07/2012

    AURORA on Instagram
    so it’s summer (kind of at least) and it’s time for hanging around with boys and girls, riding bikes and boards, traveling, enjoying bbqs and beer and much more. I love this stuff and I bet you do aswell.
    A lot people use Instagram and so I thought this could be a fun thing for AURORA.
    Why not sharing your great AURORA moments? This means, when you got something related and fitting to AURORA or just a eyecandy from your recent ride or roadtrip for example. I bet other AURORA fans would like to see it aswell – with using the AURORA hashtag #auroracollective, you can directly share your moment on the AURORA facebook page. I’m really curious about your impressions…

    Maybe I will choose one great picture every once in a while and provide the creator with a suprise.
    So keep the quality top-notch and have fun checking out the pictures.