Hello 2015!

     - posted on 03/01/2015

    Personally I don’t really care about the turn of the year, I don’t really celebrate nor am I looking forward to this time of the year. Only thing that might be interesting is the fact (or fiction) that something new starts and one got kind of a new try.
    Or just take it as a new chapter. But enough hype, let’s just keep it understated as always.
    #festive500 Between the holidays I tried to get some km in for the #festive500, but with several days full of icy roads and severe weather warnings, I don’t really managed to get near the 500km. But riding in the snow, below 0°, be chased by a dog during a night ride and crashing on icy roads has it’s own appeal. Wrong place for something like that and as Eddy Merckx famously said:

    “Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel.
    But ride.” ~
    Eddy Merckx

    I’m fine with every km and I look forward to more cycling adventures in 2015.

    #festive500 Besides riding bikes, I tried to start a new chapter with AURORA in the last weeks.
    The first AURORA track frame was released, the feedback so far was great and there will definitely be more.
    Some really artful and awesome collaborations where released in 2014 and as i’m more than happy with the results, I’m even more amazed about the great artists and people I was allowed to meet.
    Especially the friends at Rad Race and everything we did together so far.
    2015 will better this even more and I can’t wait to start the new season with all those Rad Races around Germany and the Netherlands. You should better check out the Rad Race website and reserve a spot.
    Another Grand Tour is already in the works and of course some new AURORA gear aswell!

    Let’s see what 2015 has to offer and I’m sure we will meet on the road, a fair or a Rad Race near your town.

    Thanks for your ongoing support! Ride safe!


    _C280063AURORA "Borealis" Road BIkeAURORA "Borealis" Road BIkeAURORA "Borealis" Road BIke

  • 9th Stage: Hokksund – Oslo

     - posted on 12/09/2014

    TdS Stage 9: Open Roads
    The last day of our tour is here. The previous ones went too fast and the weather seem to think the same. It was raining the whole night and morning in Hokksund. Today the last stage was around 100 km, but we decided to change the route just some minutes before leaving in heavy rain. The whole tour we had no real accidents and we wanted to get everyone safe to Oslo. So we cutted down the route and went for a 75 km ride with some elevation in the region around Oslo.
    TdS Stage 9: Open RoadsLuckily the rain stopped after just a few kilometers and the sun came up for us. Again the Norwegian nature/landscape showed what it has to offer, even in more populated areas. The clouds and morning fog were hanging deep in the hills that surrounded us. The stage was relaxed even when there were some short and steep climbs every now and then. Everyone had fun and besides the traffic jam we hit around Oslo it was a eased ride. As we arrived in Oslo we felt great and couldn’t believe that we rode from Hamburg more than 1200 km to finally end up in Oslo. Crossing Denmark, Sweden and minor parts of Norway. Our support/film crew was awaiting our arrival at the Opera House in the Oslo Harbor and it was kind of our personal Champs-Élysées as we climbed up to the highest point of the Opera House.
    We made it.
    TdS Stage 9: Opera House OsloProud, exhausted, happy, sad, ease of mind, energized… so many different feelings in a few moments while looking at Oslo. The time sadly went fast, we had the best team we could wish for, made new friends and help each other in every situation. No big problems and no drama. Together we achieved something special and many of us wished to just continue riding together and see more places.
    Maybe next year….

    After a shower we went to Grünerløkka and had some burgers and milk-shakes in the Nighthawk Diner. Awesome place and the best choice for having the last evening together.
    TdS Stage 9: Nighthawk Diner
    Thanks to each and everyone for making this trip special!
    Thanks to our sponsors for helping us realizing this trip.
    Thanks Kenda.

    And of course thanks to all readers.
    We hope you liked the short recaps and the pictures. You find even more recaps, pictures and stories about our tour on

    We will soon come back with more visuals from our trip and hopefully next year with a short documentary.

    Thank you!


  • 5th Stage: Nibe – Gothenborg

     - posted on 07/09/2014

    TdS 5: Todays departToday was a frantic stage. Our ferry from Frederikshavn to Göteborg was booked for 1400. So we had to arrive at the harbor by no later than 1330. But there where around 110 km for us to ride and so we sadly had to get up early. At 0830 the whole camp was packed and the ride began. It was a quick transfer ride without any special events. But as always we had several flat tires which costs us time and in the end, we made it to the ferry exactly in time with around 45 minutes left until the ship puts out to sea.
    We had 3,5 hours time to relax at the ferry, got some food and chilled under deck.
    As we finally arrived in Göteborg, we directly went to a cycling shop (CykelCity), to get some spare parts and made our way to the hostel. This is the first hostel we will spend our night in.
    We all where happy about a real bed, as we were really exhausted.
    We just rode across the whole country of denmark by bike within 5 days.
    The end of this day saw one group leaving to Göteborgs City centre to get some food there and stroll through the nightlife, while the other group cooked something in the hostel.

    We are finally in Sweden and we can’t wait to start our first stage over here.

    Today I rode again the whole tour, all in all it was about 123 km and my knees did a good job today.
    TdS 5: Gothenborg City

  • 3rd Stage: Skaerbeak – Ringköbing

     - posted on 04/09/2014

    TdS 3 Stage: PanoAs a cyclist, especially when you are on a longer tour, the weather plays a great role. Sure there are clothing and technical options for every situation, but you still have to ride and cope with it. Luckily the weather seem to like our Tour de Skandinavia and so it stays wonderful most of the time. The third day makes no exception. Again, we tried to get up as early as possible, had a foggy breakfast together and packed our van. We are getting used to this daily routine and got the job done quickly.
    Our route guided us to the dykes again, where we had to ride some gravel roads. Those caused flat tires again, but we are getting used to it. At least it gives some time to check out the surrounding and landscape.

    I rode the full stage, approx 154 km!TdS 3 Stage: Group RideThe beautiful view at the waterfront and to our first longer stop behind Esbjerg shortens the waiting time.
    Entering Esbjerg we where amazed by all those mansions directly at the beach and the road right next to it. In a small village behind Esbjerg we took a short longer break and enjoyed some coffee and cappuccino next to the beach.
    TdS 3 Stage: Beach
    _1350029It was hart to leave and continue our route. The rest of todays route was characterized by strong head and cross winds, the stronger riders battled it out for the rest until we splitted in different groups for the last 15 kms and finished with our prefered speed. In my case – I rode a 32-35 kmh pace with Henne, had a nice conversation and a ice cold coke. Probably the best way to end a stage. With just some minutes behind the last riders arrived at the camping site and we cooked some noodles together, drank some beers and faded away the evening.
    Tomorrow will see our longest stage, let’s see how this will turn out.

  • Some new visuals from Max Ritter

     - posted on 06/01/2014

    Happy New Year everybody!

    My friend and first AURORA teamrider Max Ritter from Berlin is traveling a lot at the moment, but he also had some time to take some new pictures.

    Check them out.

    Max Ritter – Rock’n’Roll
    Photo by Joe Beckert


    Max Ritter – BS Hurricane
    Photos by Dennis Scholz

  • New trippy video part by Konrad Waldmann

     - posted on 27/12/2013

    Konrad Waldmann - Backside Flip - Berlin

    if you following AURORA on facebook, you might have noticed some pictures of this young german skateboarder from Potsdam. He goes by the name of Konrad Waldmann and AURORA is proud to support him with gear. Sadly he got injured in the beginning of this year, but he recovered and used the late summer to film a lot.
    You better watch him in 2014!

    Check out his latest video part.


    Konrad Waldmann - 360 Flip - Prague

  • David Pili – Welcome Edit.

     - posted on 18/12/2013

    Some months ago, AURORA V2 Straps still lasts.

    Filmed by: Pepy Todesky & Laurent Pili
    Edited by: David Pili
    Camera: Canon 60D, Vivitar fisheye

    Song: Black Lips

    Please visit:


     - posted on 09/11/2013

    Hej Friends,
    too much silence over here. I’m really sorry for that:
    AURORA is still there and there is new stuff in the making, but I can’t really tell, when it is going to be released.
    But as always, it’s worth waiting. Promised!
    I’m busy with my sewing machine and my friends from the AURORA V2 Velcro Straps and Davids brother Laurent Pili who rides with Zontrac Straps.
    I’m really proud to support these guys and it’s awesome to see how they beat the AURORA Straps.
    But now I better stop the talk, check out the edit!

    Good work guys!


  • Pepy Todesky X AURORA

     - posted on 26/08/2013

    Pepy Todesky X AURORA

    What a nice suprise. Pepy Todesky from the Fahrradschau 2013 / Fixed Days in Berlin.
    I really appreciate the great feedback he gave me and of course this laid-back clip.

    Check it out!


  • Introducing David Pili for AURORA

     - posted on 16/07/2013

    David Pili for AURORA

    This is David Pili. He lives and rides in Geneva / Switzerland.
    He is 26 years old and rides fixed freestyle for more than two years.
    With his brother Laurent Pili and Pepy Todesky they created the Shred Crew back in 2011. They gained a lot attention since then and were featured in several publications.
    David got a old school style, he loves analogue photography and this is visible with his recent edit. With his bike he went to New York City for some month and brought back this video.

    I’m really happy to support him with AURORA, i’m sure there is much more to come. So if you see him or the other Shred Crew guys around your spot get in touch with them and have great session!

    Ride safe!


    David Pili for AURORA
    David Pili for AURORA
    David Pili for AURORA
    David Pili for AURORA