• Back from the Fahrrad Schau Bicycle Fair in Berlin.

     - posted on 13/03/2013

    AURORA at the Berliner Fahrrad Schau / Bicycle Fair 2013
    What a weekend!
    Got back from the Berliner Fahrrad Schau on Monday and I’m still really tired, but all the work was worth it. So much positive feedback and interest in AURORA during the whole weekend. It was great to speak and see so many customers. A lot people came by and said “hello” or even bought some new gear.
    Thanks a lot for your support!
    And also thanks to Sandra, for helping out so much and made it possible to set up such a nice booth. And speaking of the booth, thanks to Stefan (and also Max) from Fixed Days competitions and he made the third place in the Criterium.
    Sadly there wasn’t much time for us to check out the Fahrrad Schau, but a lot friends visited the store and we at least had some minutes to talk. It was great to meet the nice people behind Naturrad again. They do incredible work, still want to get a schindelhauer bike for me, this Carbon Belt Drive System they use catches me every time I see it and try it out. The upcoming releases by 8bar bikes also looked pretty legit.
    Check out some pictures of the fair attached to this posting.

    See you next year, Fahrrad Schau!

    AURORA at the Berliner Fahrrad Schau / Bicycle Fair 2013

    But the work continues and there are a lot things in the planning process right now.
    I’m making the last tweaks and decisions to get everything done like it should be.
    Sounds mysterious right?
    To clear this up a bit, I can proudly tell you that I’m working on a lot cut&sew stuff these days. From t-shirts, to buttondown shirts, more caps and also functional jackets.
    And speaking of production, the background is also important, everything (!!!) will be Made in Europe/Germany under fair working conditions and as sustainable as possible. I’m really curious about all this and I can’t wait to show the results in the end.

    Besides this I also worked on a new cycling kit design, I had a preview with me at the Fahrrad Schau and posted it on instagram aswell. Check it out here. It’s going to be a limited edition, so watch out for the preorder.

    …. and speaking of cycling, the first colorways of the 2013 AURORA velcro straps collection will be up soon aswell.




  • AURORA at Berliner Fahrrad Schau / Bicycle Fair 2013

     - posted on 07/03/2013

    8bar x AURORA
    good news! I’m happy to announce that AURORA will share a booth with the good people at Force Effect, was a great experience and it’s great to be part of the tradeshow again.
    Check out my impressions of last years event.

    Since the new apparel collection is still in the making, I will give you the chance to grab some real bargains on available AURORA gear. Also I will premiere the upcoming AURORA velcro straps colorways, which will drop online next week.

    So come over check out the great 8bar bikes and their two stunning new releases and also say Hello to AURORA.

    If you are from germany and need something to read for the weekend or on your way to the Berliner Fahrrad Schau, check out the latest issue is out now and features a short interview with yours truly.

    AURORA - Sebastian

    See you there,


  • AURORA and the Olympic Games 2012 in London

     - posted on 12/08/2012

    AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
    the Olympic Games are over and it was a great event. Though I sadly couldn’t be in London and attend the events, I watched Olympia over Streams and TV as often as possible.
    The good people in Great Britain did a great job and so did all the athletes.

    As some of you might have noticed in KEIRIN version) for a long time now and achieved several medals in other competitions, but the Olympic Games are hard to top.
    AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
    So to make it short. The Olympic Games were really successful, especially the Olympic Track Cycling Events and I feel proud to be a (really) small part of it. Kristina Vogel and Miriam Welte won the Gold Medal in the Women’s Team Sprint event. Kristina also made it to the 4th place in the Women’s Sprint.
    Maximilian Levy won the Bronze Medal with Rene Enders and Robert Förstermann in the Men’s Team Sprint. But this wasn’t all, the most-anticipaded event was the Men’s Keirin.
    Maxmilian Levy was focused and performed great in all Keirin races, for some seconds in the last round of the final he even overtook Sir Chris Hoy. But in the end Sir Chris Hoy could set free some extra power and got back the first place. It was a stunning race. Maxmilian Levy won the Silver Medal.

    Hats off to the German Team and thank you for using and trusting the AURORA straps!

    AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
    Please check out the websites of the German Track Team and support them.

    Maxmilian Levy
    Kristina Vogel
    Miriam Welte
    Rene Enders
    Robert Forstemann

    German Olympic Team

    AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
    Award ceremony with Maxmilian Levy (Silver), Sir Chris Hoy (Gold), Teun Mulder and Simon van Vemthooven (both Bronze). Photo by Phil Walter.

  • AURORA featured in X-Ray Magazine

     - posted on 09/07/2011

    We are proud to be featured in the X-Ray Magazine #311. It is just a small corner in the magazine, but X-Ray is the leading European fashion industry trade magazine and it is great to see that AURORA slowly but surely makes his mark.