Some new visuals from Max Ritter

Happy New Year everybody!

My friend and first AURORA teamrider Max Ritter from Berlin is traveling a lot at the moment, but he also had some time to take some new pictures.

Check them out.

Max Ritter – Rock’n'Roll
Photo by Joe Beckert


Max Ritter – BS Hurricane
Photos by Dennis Scholz

New trippy video part by Konrad Waldmann

Konrad Waldmann - Backside Flip - Berlin

if you following AURORA on facebook, you might have noticed some pictures of this young german skateboarder from Potsdam. He goes by the name of Konrad Waldmann and AURORA is proud to support him with gear. Sadly he got injured in the beginning of this year, but he recovered and used the late summer to film a lot.
You better watch him in 2014!

Check out his latest video part.


Konrad Waldmann - 360 Flip - Prague

Max Ritter @ VOLCOM Bergfest 2012 in Münster

VOLCOM Bergfest 2012 at Bergfidel Skatepark Münster
What a weekend.
On sunday the 4th Bergfest took place at the Bergfidel Skatepark in Münster. Again a great event, Party , Beers, BBQ, Punkrock and great skateboarding. I had the chance to take some pictures of the event and also of Max Ritter shredding the bowl.
VOLCOM Bergfest 2012 at Bergfidel Skatepark Münster
You can check out the results of the contest here:

Looking forward to next years 5th anniversary.

VOLCOM Bergfest 2012 at Bergfidel Skatepark Münster
Thorsten Ballhaus killing the 13 stair Bergrail with a 50/50!

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VOLCOM Bergfest 2012 / 20. – 21.07.2012

Coming up this weekend!

Bergfest 2012 at the Berg Fidel Skatepark in Münster. Last year was epic and this year will even get bigger and better. A lot pros coming from all over the world to compete and have a good time. Adolescents from the USA and Nothing from Berlin will play at he Bowl.

Our man Max Ritter from Berlin will start in the A Division and represent AURORA.

Bergfest 2012 Event at facebook

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Summer in Münster.

Summer // Münster // 06/2012
Summer // Münster // 06/2012

Wearing a AURORA “Skate” Shirt, the AURORA 5 Panel Cap and of course the AURORA Compact Messenger Bag.

Thanks to Kay Lasenga from the Reverie Shop in Münster for those pictures.
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Max Ritter for AURORA

Max Ritter wearing the AURORA “Serif” Snapback and the classic AURORA “MiniLogo” Shirt.

Photographed by Dennis Scholz.

Max Ritter – No Comply Pole Jam

Our man Max Ritter from Berlin rocking the AURORA 5 Panel Cap while poppin’ a smooth No Comply Pole Jam in Ústí nad Labem / Czech. Republic.
Picture by Tom Kleinschmidt.

AURORA “Galaxy” Cruiser

AURORA "Galaxy" Cruiser
AURORA "Galaxy" Cruiser
Don’t like plastic/vinyl cruiser or longboards? But still want something to cruise? Great. Today i’m happy to release our very own AURORA “Galaxy” Cruiser Decks, high quality Made in the USA. A smooth shape which allows to Ollie and pull some tricks, but also cruise around the city…
With the perfect size 76,5 cm x 19,5 cm // 30″ x 7,6″ you are good to go. These are very limited, so check out the webshop and get yours.

Also i’m working on a summer collection with shirts, caps, summer hooded zipper and of course our first chino 5 pocket pants. This is going to be great!

And just to remind you, our good friends in Hannover are working hard to make this years Maikätzchen Alleycat happening. So if you have some time and want tons of fun on 19th/20th of may, visit Hannover and join the party.

AURORA "Galaxy" Cruiser

Cruising around Hamburg City…

Cruising around in Hamburg City.
Get your Penny Skateboards Cruiser here.

AURORA Skateboarding – Patrick Pazdzior

Patrick Pazdzior from Münster just send in this nice photograph of him olliing over a wood stand. Photo was taken by Florian Witthaut in Unna. Thanks a lot!

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