New trippy video part by Konrad Waldmann

Konrad Waldmann - Backside Flip - Berlin

if you following AURORA on facebook, you might have noticed some pictures of this young german skateboarder from Potsdam. He goes by the name of Konrad Waldmann and AURORA is proud to support him with gear. Sadly he got injured in the beginning of this year, but he recovered and used the late summer to film a lot.
You better watch him in 2014!

Check out his latest video part.


Konrad Waldmann - 360 Flip - Prague

David Pili – Welcome Edit.

Some months ago, I introduced David Pili to you guys. Now i’m really stoked to present his welcome edit!
Filmed this fall by Pepy Todesky and his brother Laurent Pili, David rode some new spots in their town Geneva, especially the new skatepark.
It seems that his first pair AURORA V2 Straps still lasts.

Filmed by: Pepy Todesky & Laurent Pili
Edited by: David Pili
Camera: Canon 60D, Vivitar fisheye

Song: Black Lips

Please visit:


Hej Friends,
too much silence over here. I’m really sorry for that:
AURORA is still there and there is new stuff in the making, but I can’t really tell, when it is going to be released.
But as always, it’s worth waiting. Promised!
I’m busy with my sewing machine and my friends from the SHRED Crew are killing it on their bikes. They entered the Nucult video contest some weeks ago and made the first place with their edit. The SHRED Crew from switzerland consists of three members, David Pili and Pepy Todesky, who both ride with the AURORA V2 Velcro Straps and Davids brother Laurent Pili who rides with Zontrac Straps.
I’m really proud to support these guys and it’s awesome to see how they beat the AURORA Straps.
But now I better stop the talk, check out the edit!

Good work guys!

NUCULT VIDEO CONTEST X 1ST PLACE from nucult on Vimeo.

Pepy Todesky X AURORA

Pepy Todesky X AURORA

What a nice suprise. Pepy Todesky from the SHRED Crew in Switzerland just released a short clip featuring the AURORA Velcro Straps V2 he got from me during the Fahrradschau 2013 / Fixed Days in Berlin.
I really appreciate the great feedback he gave me and of course this laid-back clip.

Check it out!

SHRED – Pepy Todesky X AURORA from Shred on Vimeo.

Perrion – “Get A Job”

You might have seen Perrion before, I mentioned him several times on the website and the AURORA facebook page.
He is still going strong working on his new EP. “Get A Job” is the first song from this upcoming EP and Perrion released it with a nice music video.
In the opening scene he is rocking the AURORA “Skate” Shirt.
Good tunes, good taste!

Also check out the “Get A Job” live performance.
There Perrion wears the beloved AURORA “Serif” Snapback.
Really great to see such a great artist supporting AURORA.


Maikätzchen VIII / 8 Hannover is coming… 19./20. May 2012!

Like the last years we are sponsoring the awesome Maikätzchen Alleycat in Hannover again. This is going to be a blast. Can’t wait. Check out the trailer with footage from the last years event.

Hope to see a lot of you guys there.

Good times!

FTT edit #3

The good people from FTT Oslo dropped their awaited third edit. Another eyecandy, with great riding and of course the wonderful Norwegian landscape. Always great to see some visuals from the European Scene.
The camera work is stunning… Check it out.


P.S.: If you haven’t heard from them so far, you should check out FTT edit #1 and FTT edit #2!

FTT edit #3 from Thomas Larsen Røed on Vimeo.

Penny Skateboards @ AURORA online shop

hope you guys doing well.
I’m pretty busy with sewing new colorways for our Velcro Straps, which I will hopefully release in the beginning of march. So not much time for riding and other stuff, but anyway the weather over here in germany is really bad aswell these days.
But spring and summer are in sight and so we wanted to be prepared.
This is kind of a premiere for AURORA. Normally I’m just selling AURORA goods, but I really liked these tiny cruisers and want to share them with you. So from now on you can get them through the AURORA onlineshop. These cruisers are the perfect thing for a fun session.
Classic shape, two sizes (the Penny and the Nickel, compare them here), endless colors and of course highest quality you can get. Penny Skateboards is a true classic and it will show you a new way of skateboarding and cruising.
Check out the following videos to get a idea and of course some summerly feelings aswell.

Get yours now, they sell quick!



Read more

PERRION x Myth Syzer – “Turn of the tide”

Last week I introduced Perrion from NYC to you guys. Today he dropped the first official video for his upcoming Mixtape “From Paris with love” with French Beatmaker Myth Syzer. The flow is promising, can’t wait to hear the whole Mixtape. It’s dropping on February 28th.
If you are from Paris, make sure to attend the release party on February 16th or if you are from New York City, February 24th is the date.
In the meantime check out his previous releases here.


Here we go 2012!

Producing AURORA V1 Velcro Straps
We are still alive alive alive alive alive….!
After several weeks full of trouble and too much work, we are back on track now. A new flat, workspace/workflow new arranged and finally time to put the focus back on AURORA. It might be a bit late, but we hope you had a good start in 2012. This year is going to be great and we are really curious about what will happen. Some new releases are in the making right now and we will put them online as soon as possible. Besides this we are producing all our handmade goods on stock from now on. We want to minimize the waiting time for you in the future and provide you with a better shopping experience.

Not much talk about not-AURORA-related topics here, but maybe we should change this also for 2012. So let me introduce Perrion from NYC to you. He got his new mixtape “Circuit Breaker” out and you should really give it a listen. It’s on heavy rotation in our studio. Download it for free here and check out this song:

There are some nice events (Berlin Bicycle Fair and Pankt Saulopoly Hamburg Ciddy Alleycat/Polo Tournament) coming up pretty soon and we hope to see some of you guys there.

Don’t forget to like AURORA on facebook.

Thanks for your attention, patience and support!


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