Micaela Neto from Lisboa

Micaela Neto from Lisboa
This is Micaela Neto, she is 25 years old and works as a graphic designer in Lisboa, Portugal.

Her last bike was from her father, a kind of family heritage, a classic road bike from the 70’s.
Now she bought this single speed bike, which was built up by RODA GIRA (facebook) using mainly 8bar Bikes (facebook) Parts and also AURORA Velcro Straps.

I can’t live without bikes, because it’s my way of living the city, my everyday transport and, when you get used to this kind of freedom, it becomes impossible to live without your bike.

– Micaela

Micaela Neto from Lisboa

With her friends she started a bike collective, named Matilha Cycle Crew. With this collective they aim to promote a cycling lifestyle in the city, with no boundaries, traffic jams or stressful rides.
At Matilha Cycle Crew they are always looking for some nice ideas and events to turn Lisboa in a bike friendly city, one step at a time.

So, next time any of you visit Lisboa, just say “Hello” and you will definitely find some nice people to ride with.

Photography by Bernardo Gramaxo // thelunchboxcreations.com

AURORA for good people.

Thanks Micaela and Bernardo for sharing.


Micaela Neto from Lisboa

Micaela Neto from Lisboa
Micaela Neto from Lisboa
Micaela Neto from Lisboa
Micaela Neto from Lisboa


  1. noca 12/06/2012 Reply

    quando vi esta bike (e estas fotos) no facebook da RodaGira fiquei logo a pensar que só podia ser de alguém um cuidado gráfico apurado. Agora, que vejo aqui esta versão “Aurora”, percebo ainda melhor porquê. 😉

    parabéns pela bike e pelas fotos!


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