Tour de Skandinavia

  • “Tour de Skandinavia 2014” Book release, Berlin Bicycle Week and new AURORA Pedal Straps V2 colorways!

    Tour de Skandinavia 2014 - Cover - SpecialHej,
    spring is here and the Berlin Bicycle Week is about to start today.
    Make sure to visit the Berliner Fahrrad Schau from 20th – 22nd march and say “Hello” at our AURORA x Rad Race booth (Hall 1, Booth D18). I worked really hard the last weeks to get everything ready and I promise that there will be some sprakling things to look at. I just say one word: steel!

    But there will be much more.
    This weekend will see the first two Rad Race events for this season (Rad Race Battle and Rad Race Last Man Standing) and again we are proudly supporting our friends. On sunday there will be premiere of our Rad Rad x AURORA “Tour de Skandinavia” movie aswell.
    Along with this documentary we will release a full-color 140 page “Tour de Skandinavia 2014” photobook.
    A special photographic diary, which gives you the opportunity to relive the “Tour de Skandinavia 2014” on one of our bikes. You can order your copy now!
    Be quick and take your chance for one of the 25 limited edition books.
    Check out this preview:

    Besides this, there are also a few new colorways of our classic AURORA Pedal Straps V2 available from now on. They perfectly match the colorful spring season and the Hi-Vis version adds a significant amount of visibility toyour ride.
    Have closer look in our webshop.

    AURORA Velcro Straps V2

    There are more news to come in the next days.
    I’m really looking forward to the coming weekend and some great days in Berlin.



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  • RAD RACE x AURORA “Tour de Skandinavia 2014” Teaser / Premiere

    You might remember the AURORA x Rad Race “Tour de Skandinavia” which took place in september 2014. It was a dream come true for us and a awesome experience with a group of friends riding their bikes from Hamburg to Oslo.
    If you would like to relive our 9 days on the road, check out the Grand Tour section to read the tour diary or head over to the Rad Race blog for their point of view.

    Besides our tour diaries, we also captured the whole trip on film and we are really proud to finally release the trailer for the upcoming movie. The full movie will premiere at the Berliner Fahrradschau, March 22nd during the Berlin Bicycle Week // Bicycle Cinema.

    Besides our premiere we will also show videos by the Hardbrakers and Good Times Roll. You will find the bicycle cinema at the Sputnik Kino (Höfe am Südstern) Hof 3., 5. Floor Entrance: Hasenheide 54 or Körtestraße 15-17, Berlin.

    So come over to Berlin, there is a lot happening.
    Two Rad Races (Battle and Last Man Standing), a AURORA x Rad Race booth at the Berliner Fahrradschau, the movie premiere and much more!

    By the way, thanks to our partners: Ahrberg, Heimplanet, Clif Bar, Bombtrack, mymüsli, Irie Daily and of course Red Bull.



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  • 9th Stage: Hokksund – Oslo

    TdS Stage 9: Open Roads
    The last day of our tour is here. The previous ones went too fast and the weather seem to think the same. It was raining the whole night and morning in Hokksund. Today the last stage was around 100 km, but we decided to change the route just some minutes before leaving in heavy rain. The whole tour we had no real accidents and we wanted to get everyone safe to Oslo. So we cutted down the route and went for a 75 km ride with some elevation in the region around Oslo.
    TdS Stage 9: Open RoadsLuckily the rain stopped after just a few kilometers and the sun came up for us. Again the Norwegian nature/landscape showed what it has to offer, even in more populated areas. The clouds and morning fog were hanging deep in the hills that surrounded us. The stage was relaxed even when there were some short and steep climbs every now and then. Everyone had fun and besides the traffic jam we hit around Oslo it was a eased ride. As we arrived in Oslo we felt great and couldn’t believe that we rode from Hamburg more than 1200 km to finally end up in Oslo. Crossing Denmark, Sweden and minor parts of Norway. Our support/film crew was awaiting our arrival at the Opera House in the Oslo Harbor and it was kind of our personal Champs-Élysées as we climbed up to the highest point of the Opera House.
    We made it.
    TdS Stage 9: Opera House OsloProud, exhausted, happy, sad, ease of mind, energized… so many different feelings in a few moments while looking at Oslo. The time sadly went fast, we had the best team we could wish for, made new friends and help each other in every situation. No big problems and no drama. Together we achieved something special and many of us wished to just continue riding together and see more places.
    Maybe next year….

    After a shower we went to Grünerløkka and had some burgers and milk-shakes in the Nighthawk Diner. Awesome place and the best choice for having the last evening together.
    TdS Stage 9: Nighthawk Diner
    Thanks to each and everyone for making this trip special!
    Thanks to our sponsors for helping us realizing this trip.
    Thanks Heimplanet, Ahrberg, Clif bar, Red Bull, Bombtrack, Irie Daily, Kenda.

    And of course thanks to all readers.
    We hope you liked the short recaps and the pictures. You find even more recaps, pictures and stories about our tour on

    We will soon come back with more visuals from our trip and hopefully next year with a short documentary.

    Thank you!


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  • 8th Stage: Sarpsborg – Hokksund

    TdS Stage 8: Good morningA cold monday morning in the south of norway. The sun was gleaming through the trees and we where expecting some exciting road cycling today. Today we had the choice of two routes. One with approx. 145km and significant elevation and a shorter and less demanding one with around 100 km.
    Our group splitted up and started their journey. I took the longer route together with four other riders and it was one of the best choices we made during this trip. This stage had everything we love about cycling. Climbs, descents, stunning landscapes, sunshine and of course awesome teamwork to get everyone home safely.
    This stage started with a lot waves, ups and downs among norwegian forrests, which was a nice challenge to start the day. We had a lot of fun, but were also happy to have our break, some coffee and pancakes while crossing the Oslo Fjord in Moss. This short transit gave us some time to relax and prepare for the second part of our route. We left the ferry in Horten and it seems that we now really entered Norway! A massiv and demanding climb just bid welcome after some kilometers, but the effort was rewarded directly – a perfect view at the Oslo Fjord while sweating and pedaling.
    TdS Stage 8: Oslo FjordThis was just the beginning, we passed by lakes on the right and left side of our route and the nature around us made us speechless. It feels like cycling is less exhausting when riding on less ridden roads and enjoying exceptional impressions. Sadly the kilometers flew by and the stage ended on our last campsite right next to a river in Hokksund. The rest of our crew was already waiting for us, they arrived just some minutes before us. We took the chance and sat down at the river and enjoyed the sundown while having some beers, until we set out to get some food at the local chinese restaurant.

    Awesome ride, thanks to Paul, Chris, Jan and Ingo for riding this route with me.

    TdS Stage 8: Sight-Cycling TdS Stage 8: Open RoadsTdS Stage 8: Open roadsTdS Stage 8: Sundown!

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  • 7th Stage: Kungshamn – Sarpsborg

    TdS Stage7: Group rideThe 7th chapter of our journey brought us from Kungshamn (Sweden) to Sarpsborg (Norway).
    Weather forecast was good and we had no worries that something can go wrong.
    On the 7th stage it was like a daily routine to pack everything together, have breakfast together and roll out together. Could be worse. Besides rolling the swedish landscapes, we also had a guest rider for some kilometers. A really fit over seventy-year old guy who rides 30 km everyday to stay in shape. That’s something to take inspiration from. All in all we had a good ride about approx. 150 km, had some trouble with the routing in the end, but finally found our way.
    Crossing the Norwegian boarder on a larger bridge over a fjord and leave the second country behind us, was a great moment. On this stage we had three minor accidents, with riders mostly just falling of.
    Sadly one accident was a bit heavier with a bruised hand, but after first aid we could continue without any problems.
    The last 15 km saw some rain and we all got wet. Personally I liked it because this gave some more energy for the last pedal strokes to get under the hot shower on our camping site.
    Same procedure as every evening. Shower, relax, eating together and go to bed early.
    Slowly the feelings get mixed up a bit. Excitement about the journey so far and what might comes next, but also some sadness that there are just two stages left to ride.

    Tomorrow we will cross the Oslo Fjord with a ferry and discover Norwegians nature in their best way! Hopefully!

    Again the knee hurt today, but managed to get the whole stage done!
    Two stages left, shut up knee.

    TdS Stage7: SceneryTdS Stage7: Beautiful landscapeTdS Stage7: Guest riderTdS Stage7: Peloton_1370275_1370299TdS Stage7: Harbor breakTdS Stage7: Massive sightseeing

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