Pedal straps V2 – custom colors (+ optional Pedals)

Pedal straps V2 – custom colors (+ optional Pedals)

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These are our AURORA pedal straps V2. In summer 2009, we started working on a foot retention system for fixed gear bikes and released our classic pedal strap version for track and road pedals.
Since then we thought about a specific platform pedal version too. To find the right materials that will meet our demand was really difficult, but finally we found the right stuff.
Our bottom construction is remarkably strong and super stiff. Also the crank will no be scratched, when the straps are installed correct. The angle of the pedal strap construction allows to easy step in and feel secure while riding hard.

The straps can take a beating and are perfect for commuting, bike polo, fixed gear freestyle and what ever you like to do with them.

With this offer offer you can customize your straps and choose from a wide range of colors.
Check out the drop down menus and put together your unique pair.


They are…
– quick and easy to adjust
– made for platform pedals ( fits most )
– super thick and with a super stiff bottom construction
– designed for a safe and comfortable ride
– 100% handcrafted in germany

– made from industrial safety belts
– YKK  hook and loop fastener

– super strong buckle. Breaking Load: 1182 kg

Available Colors: black, white, blue, red, brown, gold yellow, antique pink, green.


without picture:

Get the platform pedals with this offer.

A-U-R-O-R-A  Alloy Aluminium Pedals:
– simple and strong design
– concave platform
– weight: 365 g (pair)
– colors: black



Please note: All handmade goods are built-to-order. So please allow some time for the production. If you need them quick, please drop a line and get a individual quote.
Please make sure to check your pedals before using the straps.
Sharp edges can damage the straps. If needed use a file and smooth the edges and your straps will last much longer.

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