Two words, that easily describe what AURORA means to me and what I want AURORA to be.
I believe in sustainability, fair trading and fair working conditions. Let’s call it capitalism with a conscience.
I’m putting most of my time in producing and developing high-quality products with out any compromises.
Products with additional value in detail and quality. Products who will last and perform for years.

To ensure quality and performance, I supervise every single production and decide if a product can meet the demand.
I support family and regional businesses, artisans, athletes and creative people.
Besides carefully selected supplier, some AURORA products are even handmade by myself. For example the AURORA Pedal Straps. Every step in the production of one pair of straps – from cutting, to sewing, design, packing and finishing – is done by myself in the AURORA workshop. I’m proud of every pair and the work that went into development and production.
I’m fascinated by true craftsmanship, handmade products, performance and functionality.

All textiles and most of the caps are produced under fair working conditions by small companies in Europe.
All knitted products are handmade by old-established businesses in Germany.

Everything is a learning process and with every new idea, every new task or product there is a chance to make something better and learn more.
I don’t care about hype, trends and mainstream. It’s not about the money and the margin.
It’s about a vision of self-fulfillment, dedication, the ideas I have and the chance and challenge to bring them to life.
This is what drives me and still forces me to continue.

Thanks for your support!




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