How do I contact the AURORA Collective?


General Info, Distribution, Press:

Mailing Address:

AURORA Collective
c/o Karsten Gondek
Siedlungsstraße 18
24799 Christiansholm

Whats this AURORA Collective about?

AURORA is a small label based in the North Rhine Region / Germany.
We are into handmade goods, cycling, art, photography, music, skateboarding and clothing. With AURORA we try to merge all this and create great products for us and all the people who like what we do.

This is what AURORA stands for.

If you want some more informations or just get in touch, please drop us a line.

How long does the shipping take?

We try to ship orders as soon as possible. At the moment we dispatch orders once a week. Due to the fact that some of our products are handmade and built to order, we need some more time to get it ready for you and on the way. Also please keep in mind that we run AURORA for fun and as our hobby, we have daily jobs to make a living and sometimes this is also a reason for a delay. If you’re not sure, please contact us.