• AURORA x Peter Aurisch

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch Collaboration + AURORA Knitwear release!

     - posted on 18/11/2014

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch
    and here we are again. It’s fall, the winter is approaching fast and also Christmas is near. Perfect time to drop some really nice gear and help you end your search for awesome gifts.

    I’m really proud of this AURORA x Peter Aurisch Collaboration, after aPeter Aurisch. Exclusively for AURORA he created two artworks with a “Cyclist” theme and he also played around with the typographical aspects of the word “AURORA”. His signature style is extraordinaire and the artworks perfectly show his skills and talent.
    You better check out the shirts, they are a limited edition.

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch

    AURORA Fine Merino Hats & Scarves

    Besides these shirts we also upgraded our knitwear line for this Fall/Winter season. As always we put the quality first and keep the branding understated. The whole knitwear collection is 100% Made in Germany by a renowned Family Business and made of the best fabrics available. Knitted hats and scarves made from the finest merino wool and also a colorful range of knitted hats made from virgin wool.
    Especially the merino wool items will keep you warm and comfy even in the coldest days.
    But I don’t want to waste more words, these items are beautiful, feel great, are from exceptional quality and will go along with you a lifetime.
    AURORA Fine Merino Hats & Scarves
    AURORA Knitwear

    If you’re not into knitwear, check out our current assortment of AURORA Snapbacks. Classic style and fit, with simple AURORA branding.

    AURORA Snapbacks

    We hope you like the gear and find something nice!



  • AURORA x Peter Aurisch

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch! And much more….

     - posted on 27/08/2014

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"
    Again, it took more time than I was hoping, but in the end everything turned out really great. I hope you like this collection, read on to learn more!

    For this late summer collection I teamed up with a friend of mine, typographer. He played around with our „The Kids all Ride“ slogan and came up with a really nice script version and a great Pixação version. Especially the Pixação, a tagging/graffiti style from the southeastern metropolitan areas in south america, version look awesome, with it’s bold lettering.
    The reflective print on a black shirt!

    AURORA x Arif Demir - "TKAR Pixa"

    This late summer collection also marks the first part of a really special collaboration.
    artist from Berlin, drew some amazing artworks exclusive for AURORA and i’m really happy to finally release the first artwork today. I’m a huge fan of his art and i’m very proud that I can work together with him.

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"

    Check out Peter Aurischs first Artwork for AURORA, It’s called „Ride 1“.
    His signature style with a super fine screen print on a soft Baseball Longsleeve Shirt!
    This shirt is highly limited and each shirt comes with a special sticker pack!

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"

    To top it all off, there is also a assortment of completely new designed 5 Panel Caps.
    Made in Europe! Made from awesome Linen fabric.
    The perfect 5 Panel Caps to go with the new shirts.

    AURORA - Linen 5 Panel CapAURORA - Linen 5 Panel Cap

    As said, I hope you like this new collection.
    Head over to the webshop and get your gear now!



  • AURORA @ Ink&Ride in Hamburg from 30.08.-31.08.2014

     - posted on 21/08/2014

    Great news!
    With our INK&RIDE fair while we are in Hamburg.
    The INK&RIDE takes place from 30.08.-31.08. at Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg and combines tattoo art, music, cycling, skateboards and much more.
    We will host the AURORA x Ahrberg with us.
    This will be the first time we have our new late summer collection with us (stay tuned for more on this) and you should better come over and check it out in person.
    Besides the new gear, we will also have some nice bargains for you.
    So if you are in Hamburg and want to spend a nice day with tattoos, bikes and good people, visit the INK&RIDE and say „Hallo“ at our booth.

    Check out the INK&RIDE facebook event for up-to-date information.

  • Perrion – “Get A Job”

     - posted on 24/04/2013

    You might have seen Perrion before, I mentioned him several times on the website and the AURORA facebook page.
    He is still going strong working on his new EP. “Get A Job” is the first song from this upcoming EP and Perrion released it with a nice music video.
    In the opening scene he is rocking the AURORA “Skate” Shirt.
    Good tunes, good taste!

    Also check out the “Get A Job” live performance.
    There Perrion wears the beloved AURORA “Serif” Snapback.
    Really great to see such a great artist supporting AURORA.


  • Mianzi Rei by WE ARE TRAFFIC

    WE ARE TRAFFIC: Mianzi Rei and the Winter in Berlin

     - posted on 15/03/2013

    Mianzi Rei by WE ARE TRAFFIC
    During the Till are portraying cyclists mainly in Hamburg, but also everywhere else. With WE ARE TRAFFIC they want to draw attention to the bicycle as means of transport and also show the differences and diversity of each bicycle and his owner.
    In the last 6 months they portrayed more than 100 people and they are preparing to raise funds to publish all this as a coffee-table book version. This project is really worth supporting, check out this page to support WE ARE TRAFFIC.

    Some of you might remember schindelhauer bike for a while now and supports AURORA when ever she can. I’m really happy to see this much support from all those great people.

    Björn from WE ARE TRAFFIC took the chance and did a spontaneous shooting with Mianzi in the snowy Berlin. The pictures came out really great. Thanks to both of them.


    Mianzi Rei by WE ARE TRAFFIC

    Mianzi Rei by WE ARE TRAFFIC

  • GUDE ZEIT #1!

     - posted on 13/01/2013

    “Gude Zeit” = “Good Times”

    That’s what’s it all about.

    The force that guides and moves us!
    My friend Lorenzo Taurino collected adventures, stories, anecdotes and photographs from his journies and added some more of close friends. All this composed in a neatly printed zine.
    Also included is the custom made AURORA x Bill Cosby Cycling Cap.
    I’m really proud to be a small part of this first issue.

    You get this zine for free with every order, just add it to your cart and other products.
    But feel free to donate something to GUDE ZEIT, if you like to support it and want to help to release more issues!

    Check it out online:
    Gude Zeit #1 at AURORA webshop

    GUDE ZEIT #1

  • Principia Track – “Phantom”

     - posted on 04/08/2012

    "Phantom" - Principia Track
    I just wanted to post my beloved Principia to the Pedalroom website and thought that I could also post it here.
    Not much personal bike content here so far, so why not change this?
    The Principia is simply my favorite bike, it’s just subtle and beautiful all black. That’s why I use to call it “Phantom”.
    I’ve built it up more than 2,5 years ago and just rode it since then. I will never give it away, for me this one is not replaceable and it outlived a lot other frames/parts/bikes so far. The parts used in the current built are mostly chosen because of the weight and quality. Step by step I tried to push down the weight and in the current set-up the Principia weights only about 7,5 kg.
    "Phantom" - Principia Track
    I also really like the AURORA V1 velcro straps on this bike. These are one of the first prototypes made in early summer 2009. I’m not riding as hard as many others and not that long as so many couriers do everyday worldwide, but I’m happy that they still do well after more than 3 years. Compared to the AURORA Straps today, they look really crappy, but it is also good to see where it all started and how everything developed in the right direction.
    If you are interested in the parts, check this list:

    Principia Track Frame 2004
    Principia/Isaac 004 Fork – Carbon w/ Aluminium Steerer
    Stronglight O’Light Headset.

    Sugino RD-2 Messenger black
    MKS Sylvan Track with AURORA V1 Velcro Straps.
    Still one of the first ones from early Summer 2009!


    Shimano DuraAce 15t NJS Cog + KMC Z710 Chain

    Syntace Stratos 200 – S (39cm)
    Syntace F99 – 105mm

    Selle Italia Flite Titanium
    Ritchey Carbon WCS Seatpost


    Shimano 600 – BR-6208


    Front: Campagnolo Omega Hardox Strada rim laced to Gran Compe Hub with Michelin Pro3 Race Tire.
    Or FIR rim laced to Suntour Superbe Pro Hub, mostly for traveling issues.
    Rear: Campagnolo Omega Hardox Strada rim laced to Gran Compe Hub with Michelin Pro3 Race Tire.

    "Phantom" - Principia Track

  • AURORA on Instagram

     - posted on 28/07/2012

    AURORA on Instagram
    so it’s summer (kind of at least) and it’s time for hanging around with boys and girls, riding bikes and boards, traveling, enjoying bbqs and beer and much more. I love this stuff and I bet you do aswell.
    A lot people use Instagram and so I thought this could be a fun thing for AURORA.
    Why not sharing your great AURORA moments? This means, when you got something related and fitting to AURORA or just a eyecandy from your recent ride or roadtrip for example. I bet other AURORA fans would like to see it aswell – with using the AURORA hashtag #auroracollective, you can directly share your moment on the AURORA facebook page. I’m really curious about your impressions…

    Maybe I will choose one great picture every once in a while and provide the creator with a suprise.
    So keep the quality top-notch and have fun checking out the pictures.



  • FTT edit #3

     - posted on 12/03/2012

    The good people from FTT Oslo dropped their awaited third edit. Another eyecandy, with great riding and of course the wonderful Norwegian landscape. Always great to see some visuals from the European Scene.
    The camera work is stunning… Check it out.


    P.S.: If you haven’t heard from them so far, you should check out FTT edit #2!


  • AURORA x AH310 “Cosby says” cycling cap

     - posted on 30/08/2011

    AURORA x AH310 "Cosby says" cycling cap
    Bill Cosby is the man, that’s why we have our beloved “Cosby says” Shirt to pay tribute to him and his life.

    Some month ago we discovered This limited cycling cap is the result. Absolute stunning and unique work.

    It is made of a new “Cosby says” Shirt and comes in a medium size. This means it fits most heads around 55cm-58cm. Perfectly handcrafted in Germany.

    This limited cycling cap is definitely one of a kind. Be quick and get yours. Other sizes on request.

    AURORA x AH310 "Cosby says" cycling cap
    AURORA x AH310 "Cosby says" cycling cap