• A new season is about to start,…

     - posted on 22/02/2015

    AURORA - handmade cycling gear
    …the time is running.
    March is near, the first classic races are coming soon and there is a lot happening over here.
    Currently i’m really busy with sewing new products and stock for the season and I’d like to take the chance and give you a glimpse on how things are made. Quality and craftsmanship needs time and dedication.
    I hope you like these photographs.

    AURORA - handmade cycling gear
    Besides sewing there are several other projects in the making right now and I hope to show you more about them in the next couple of days.
    At least they should be finished right in time for this years Rad Race Crew.
    This weekend is going to be great and i’m looking forward to some awesome days in Berlin.

    I’ll keep you posted.



  • AURORA Cycling

    AURORA “Australis” Track frameset!

     - posted on 09/12/2014

    After riding aluminium frames for many years and more than 1,5 years research, it’s finally time to reveal something big – at least for me!
    Let me start at the very beginning.
    Being a huge fan of old Principia aluminium road and track frames for many years, it was sad to see this company going to change direction in 2004/05. I always wanted to bring back this dedicated craftsmanship, the classic geometry and the artisan quality which made the frames famous. Not that easy, when even most old-established italien cycling companies move their production to low-cost countries and the bicycle becomes a mass-produced item. But there are still many dedicated framebuilders who put their heart and soul in each and every frame they produce, you just have to find them. I was able to find one in Italy, who was able to help me produce the frames I was thinking of.
    In times were sloping, whether it is positive or negative, seems to be the only choice and most people think carbon is the one and only material for modern and competitive frames. The AURORA “Australis” is our interpretation of the perfect aluminium frameset, merging a classic geometry with modern details and modern materials.
    The product and whole production process mirrors the principles AURORA is based on.
    Each frame is perfectly produced by a skilled and experienced framebuilder in Italy and carefully finished in Germany!

    I’m really proud to finally bring this project online.
    So there it is, the AURORA “Australis”!
    A high-performance aluminium Track frameset – Made in Italy!
    AURORA "Australis" Track Frameset
    The triple butted Dedacciai Force tubing is perfectly welded with smooth and seamless joints. The tubing is light, but offers the needed stiffness for fast riding and cornering.
    AURORA "Australis" Track Frameset
    The tapered headtube ensures front-end rigidity and precises steering. With our fork of choice, the Columbus FEL full carbon fork, the overall weight of the frameset is reduced and it also adds a lot to the comfort and improves the ride quality!
    Our AURORA “Australis” Track frame features a pure track geometry with steep angles, tight clearance and a short wheelbase to achieve a sharp and responsive feeling on the road and on the track. Perfect for racing!
    Every frame will be delivered with a Columbus FEL full carbon fork and a Campagnolo Seat Clamp.
    Other forks like the Columbus Grammy (weight: 290 gr. / rake: 43 mm) or Columbus Pista Leggera (weight: 560 gr. / rake: 35mm) are available on request.

    Frame specs:

    – Handmade in Italy, finished in Germany!
    – DEDACCIAI Force triple butted 7003 aluminium tubes
    – Columbus FEL full carbon fork (rake: 45 mm)
    – Campagnolo Seat Clamp
    – 1 1/8″ to 1 1/2″ tapered steerer

    – Frame weight: ca. 1600 gr. (Size: M / 55 cm)
    – Fork weight: ca. 350 gr. (uncut)
    – Color: black w. white decals (optional black w. black decals)

    To celebrate this release, we have a special offer for you!

    Until the 31st of december 2014 we offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on the frame and also add a high-quality Cane Creek Series-40 headset to every sold frame! This means you save around 150€ and can start building up your personal AURORA “Australis” Track bike directly!

    Check out the following pictures to get a idea about this beautiful frame!

    AURORA “Australis” Track Frameset at our webshop!



    AURORA "Australis" Track Bike
    AURORA "Australis" Track Bike
    AURORA "Australis" Track Bike


  • Christmas Accessoire Sale! Get 25% off…

     - posted on 26/11/2014

    Accessoires SaleHej,
    i’ll keep it short! Black Friday is everywhere and I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon.
    But Christmas is near and I would like to invite you to check out the AURORA Accessoire Sale! If you are searching for a nice gift, this might be a good chance.
    With the discount code “christmas2014″ you get 25% off all accessoires and of course free world wide shipping for your order! This includes all AURORA Tech Keychains. This discount code is valid from now on until the 6th december!

    So have a look at our new products and i’m sure they would make great gifts!

    All the best and happy pre-christmas shopping,


    Accessoire Sale Coupon

  • AURORA x Peter Aurisch

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch Collaboration + AURORA Knitwear release!

     - posted on 18/11/2014

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch
    and here we are again. It’s fall, the winter is approaching fast and also Christmas is near. Perfect time to drop some really nice gear and help you end your search for awesome gifts.

    I’m really proud of this AURORA x Peter Aurisch Collaboration, after aPeter Aurisch. Exclusively for AURORA he created two artworks with a “Cyclist” theme and he also played around with the typographical aspects of the word “AURORA”. His signature style is extraordinaire and the artworks perfectly show his skills and talent.
    You better check out the shirts, they are a limited edition.

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch

    AURORA Fine Merino Hats & Scarves

    Besides these shirts we also upgraded our knitwear line for this Fall/Winter season. As always we put the quality first and keep the branding understated. The whole knitwear collection is 100% Made in Germany by a renowned Family Business and made of the best fabrics available. Knitted hats and scarves made from the finest merino wool and also a colorful range of knitted hats made from virgin wool.
    Especially the merino wool items will keep you warm and comfy even in the coldest days.
    But I don’t want to waste more words, these items are beautiful, feel great, are from exceptional quality and will go along with you a lifetime.
    AURORA Fine Merino Hats & Scarves
    AURORA Knitwear

    If you’re not into knitwear, check out our current assortment of AURORA Snapbacks. Classic style and fit, with simple AURORA branding.

    AURORA Snapbacks

    We hope you like the gear and find something nice!



  • New webshop!

     - posted on 20/10/2014

    You might noticed a lot problems with our webshop in the last weeks. The system we used was outdated, this caused a lot problems and it was not possible to fix it. So we decided to built it up from zero and that’s what we did the last 3-4 weeks.
    Now we got a fresh and new webshop system running, which should work fine.
    With the new system you can open a personal account, use a wishlist and it’s much more user friendly. Besides this, everything works great on all devices!
    We hope you like these, not obvious but effective, changes. If you still find some bugs, have problems with the new shop or just have something to say about it – please get in touch with us!
    We love to hear some feedback.

    Expect some more exciting news soon.



  • RAD RACE Battle in Münster

     - posted on 26/09/2014

    RDRC_Startnummer_200mm_AnsichtJust one week left until Münsterland Giro. The RAD RACE Battle will take place on 3rd of October on the historical Prinzipalmarkt in Münster, the Prinzipalmarkt is one of the main streets in Münsters city centre and covered with historical pavé. The RAD RACE Battle is a rider against rider sprint battle on a straight 160 m pavé track!
    This is going to be really interesting and worth a visit.
    Make sure to visit Münster next week, have a great day of cycling and celebrate the 7th RAD RACE with us! Check out the facebook event for more information.
    I hope to see you there.


    RAD RACE BATTLE OFFENBACH_Pic by www.lifedraft.de_6

  • AURORA x Peter Aurisch

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch! And much more….

     - posted on 27/08/2014

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"
    Again, it took more time than I was hoping, but in the end everything turned out really great. I hope you like this collection, read on to learn more!

    For this late summer collection I teamed up with a friend of mine, typographer. He played around with our „The Kids all Ride“ slogan and came up with a really nice script version and a great Pixação version. Especially the Pixação, a tagging/graffiti style from the southeastern metropolitan areas in south america, version look awesome, with it’s bold lettering.
    The reflective print on a black shirt!

    AURORA x Arif Demir - "TKAR Pixa"

    This late summer collection also marks the first part of a really special collaboration.
    artist from Berlin, drew some amazing artworks exclusive for AURORA and i’m really happy to finally release the first artwork today. I’m a huge fan of his art and i’m very proud that I can work together with him.

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"

    Check out Peter Aurischs first Artwork for AURORA, It’s called „Ride 1“.
    His signature style with a super fine screen print on a soft Baseball Longsleeve Shirt!
    This shirt is highly limited and each shirt comes with a special sticker pack!

    AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"

    To top it all off, there is also a assortment of completely new designed 5 Panel Caps.
    Made in Europe! Made from awesome Linen fabric.
    The perfect 5 Panel Caps to go with the new shirts.

    AURORA - Linen 5 Panel CapAURORA - Linen 5 Panel Cap

    As said, I hope you like this new collection.
    Head over to the webshop and get your gear now!



  • AURORA x RAD RACE – Wildcard Raffle

     - posted on 01/05/2014

    The Kids All Ride
    May is here and the next great event in Berlin.
    The next one will take place on 31st of May 2014 at a very special location in the Hamburg Harbour – the Brandshof. This race is called “Street Hunt” and each and every lap around a 950 m course counts.

    The more laps you can win, the more points you score!
    There will also be a After Race Party, to celebrate this event and all riders.
    No matter if you ride a fixed gear, a road bike or what ever, this is going to be really interesting and a great weekend in Hamburg.

    To make sure that you will come to Hamburg, we decided to give away 2 special Wildcard Packages for you!
    Your chance to save your spot on the starter list and a nice package of AURORA and RAD RACE gear on top!

    To enter this Wildcard raffle you just have to do the following steps:

    1. Like RAD RACE on Facebook, if you haven’t already

    2. Share THIS blog post on facebook.

    3. Leave a comment with your T-Shirt size and your preferred bike for the “Street Hunt” below this blog post.

    The raffle is open until thursday the 8th of May 23:59 (GMT).
    I will randomly choose a winner with and contact the lucky ones via eMail, so please don’t forget to leave your eMail address.

    The prizes are:

    1. Wildcard for the RAD RACE Street Hunt in Hamburg + RR Bidon + RR Shirt + AURORA Shirt + RR x Aurora Cap
    2. Wildcard for the RAD RACE Street Hunt in Hamburg + RR Bidon + RR Shirt + RR x Aurora Cap
    3. AURORA “Rad Races” Shirt + RR x AURORA Cap

    That’s it.
    Good luck!

    Sebastian & the Rad Race Crew

    Rad Race Bidon

  • AURORA Spring/Summer 2014 – part one

     - posted on 31/03/2014

    AURORA "Reflex V3" Hooded Zipper

    Spring is here and so is the first part of the AURORA Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

    It consists of five T-Shirts and a light Hooded Zipper.
    But it would understate the case, if I leave it without any explanation.
    All these new garments are 100% Made in Europe, made under fair working and also trading conditions. Besides these important factors, all garments are newly developed from scratch. The T-Shirts and Hooded have a custom fit made after my requirements. From now on every AURORA garment, will be produced just for AURORA!

    I’m really proud of this first run and I think they turned out great. It took some months to get everything as it should be, but the result is stunning and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

    The details on all pieces are AURORA-like and finally a lot more ideas I had for a while, came to life in these pieces. Custom cut, functionality, photoprints and reflective designs.

    AURORA "Rad Races" Shirt - white
    A “Pocket” Shirts, featuring a practical backpocket to store your keys, wallet, mobile or tool while riding.


    The AURORA “Pocket” Shirt is available in two versions. The “Reflex Pocket” Shirt features a high quality reflective fabric on the back. It’s the same fabric Nike uses for their reflective running gear, it’s state of the art and the best you can get. The pocket is durable and with the reflective fabric, it helps you to be seen at night.

    AURORA "Reflex Pocket" Shirt - black

    If it get’s colder outside, just put on the new AURORA “Reflex V3″ Hooded Zipper, it’s not that heavy, but comfortable and made from super soft fabric made of 50% cotton / 50% polyester. It features a large reflective 3M print on the back, to offer visibility at night.
    The Hooded Zipper also got a custom cut, that means it is slightly slimmer to prevent flapping while riding and the body is a bit longer.

    AURORA "Reflex V3" Hooded Zipper

    Check out all the new garments at the webshop, everything is available from now on!

    Ride safe!

  • schindelhauer x AURORA Goldsprint @ Fahrrad Schau

     - posted on 20/03/2014

    After some busy weeks we are finally on the way to Berlin, just two days left until this years Fahrrad Schau starts. On the backseat we’ve got a lot of gear with us and also the first pieces of the AURORA Spring / Summer Collection 2014. Are you curious?

    Beside this we are happy to announce the schindelhauer x AURORA goldsprint competition. If you are one of the fastest riders on the schindelhauer bike with our AURORA Velcro Straps on it you can win great prizes. The first gets a all new schindelhauer „Hektor“ track frameset which will be revealt this weekend for the first time. Come and visit us and take your chance to be one of the first to own „Hektor“.

    We hope to see you there!

    schindelhauer x AURORA goldsprint