New webshop!

You might noticed a lot problems with our webshop in the last weeks. The system we used was outdated, this caused a lot problems and it was not possible to fix it. So we decided to built it up from zero and that’s what we did the last 3-4 weeks.
Now we got a fresh and new webshop system running, which should work fine.
With the new system you can open a personal account, use a wishlist and it’s much more user friendly. Besides this, everything works great on all devices!
We hope you like these, not obvious but effective, changes. If you still find some bugs, have problems with the new shop or just have something to say about it – please get in touch with us!
We love to hear some feedback.

Expect some more exciting news soon.




  1. Radek 29/10/2014 Reply

    Hey Sebastian any news on AURORA Compact Messenger Bag front? Any chances of seeing more of the for sale?

    • Author
      auroracollective 04/11/2014 Reply

      Hej, sadly not. Maybe next year. At the moment I got some other projects running.

      Stay tuned!


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