AURORA “Galaxy” Cruiser


AURORA "Galaxy" Cruiser
AURORA "Galaxy" Cruiser
Don’t like plastic/vinyl cruiser or longboards? But still want something to cruise? Great. Today i’m happy to release our very own AURORA “Galaxy” Cruiser Decks, high quality Made in the USA. A smooth shape which allows to Ollie and pull some tricks, but also cruise around the city…
With the perfect size 76,5 cm x 19,5 cm // 30″ x 7,6″ you are good to go. These are very limited, so check out the webshop and get yours.

Also i’m working on a summer collection with shirts, caps, summer hooded zipper and of course our first chino 5 pocket pants. This is going to be great!

And just to remind you, our good friends in Hannover are working hard to make this years Maikätzchen Alleycat happening. So if you have some time and want tons of fun on 19th/20th of may, visit Hannover and join the party.

AURORA "Galaxy" Cruiser


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