May 2011: New website, shop and much more…

AURORA Champ Stripes

To make it short, when you read this you might notice that our website looks different.
We tried to focus more on our goods and the content and finally we managed to get our all new website and webshop online. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we do.
With our new website and webshop we also tried to adjust the prices and make shopping easier for you guys. So every price shown includes world wide shipping! No bad suprises with expensive shipping rates after the checkout!

And last but not least, we are happy to announce two new products.
First is a new colorway for our Velcro Straps, which now also comes in a Sweden Edition. Also we made a bundle for you, so take your chance and get the Sweden Straps + our “A Trip to Sweden” Shirt for a special price.

AURORA Velcro Straps Sweden Edition
Another addition to our product range is our Quick Adjust Belt. It fits perfectly to our Hip Pack, together with our Belt you can use it as a normal Hip Bag or as a Shoulder Bag. Easy to adjust and secure, like a normal Messenger Bag. Besides this you can use our Belt with a lot other Bags which feature belt loops. Save some money, when you purchase our Hip Pack and the Belt!

AURORA Quick Adjust Belt

We are busy working on more new products and hopefully we can add them in the next weeks aswell. When I get the chance I will upload a preview for you…

If you got any suggestions, questions or problems with our new website or webshop, please drop us some lines here.

Thanks a lot!



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