Maikätzchen 2011 – Impression

Maikätzchen 2011 Flyer
Wow, what a nice weekend. A big thank you to the organizer and also congratulations to the lucky winners. I met a lot good people there and the race was good aswell. My result was kind of bad compared to the local messengers, but I had fun and that’s important. On sunday the polo tournament looked nice, but I was to lazy to use my camera.
Sorry for this.
Maikätzchen 2011
Don’t worry, there are more cleared checkpoints on the back side of the schedule.

More impressions here.
Maikätzchen 2011
Maikätzchen 2011

Tretwerk Kuriere Hannover
Maikätzchen 2011 Winner!
Maikätzchen 2011


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