Road to the Olympic Games 2012 in London

Maximilian Levy at UCI Track World Championships 2012
What’s good people?
A lot of cycling going on at the moment. First week of the Tour de France 2012 is over and besides a lot of crashes it is a exciting event. I’m curious about the next two weeks.
Right after the Tour the Olympic Games 2012 in London will start. This year the Games open with the road cycling events on 28th of july. But much more interesting are the Track Championships starting 2nd of august. A lot germany rider will compete and some of them will sport the AURORA Velcro straps in their races. They found them at the KEIRIN cycling cafe in Berlin and the good people at KEIRIN provided them with several pairs to check them out. In the last two years they tested and approved them in several competitions.
I’m really looking forward to see Maximilian Levy again in a thrilling battle against Chris Hoy.
In April Maximilian Levy reached the 2nd place in the Keirin Finals just centimeters after Chris Hoy at the UCI Track World Championships in Melbourne.

Good Luck!

Maximilian Levy at UCI Track World Championships 2012


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