AURORA Fall/Winter 2013 drop – Christmas Raffle

AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013

Time is running, it’s christmas again.
And finally the AURORA Fall/Winter 2013 drop is ready. It’s a fine selection of essentials, with the focus on quality and the small details.
I’m very proud on the new AURORA knitted hats, they are Made in Germany. The highest quality possible with great virgin wool and fine merino wool, manufactured by a old Family Business with all their experience and craftsmanship. The AURORA knitted hats are available in black, charcoal, burgundy and marine.
AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013

Besides this I’m also happy to introduce the AURORA Technical Keychain. It features a patented magnetic FidLock slider to easy release the keys, but also securely hold them in place. But it get’s more technical with the also patented Freekey keyring, it allows to easily add or remove keys without any stress.
The AURORA Technical Keyring features a YKK velcro closure to attach it to your belt, backpack, MOLLE system or everywhere else you can think of.
This Keychain is Made in Germany aswell.
AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013

Alongside these products this drop also includes a selection of AURORA Snapback Caps (in burgundy, black, dark green), Baseball Longsleeves (in grey and white) and a Crewneck. All with subtle “Above” detailing.

Check out the webshop, everything is available now!

And what about the raffle?

Christmas is coming, the year is nearly over.
Let’s make it simple, i’m giving away three AURORA packages.
Every package consists of one AURORA knitted hat of your choice + one AURORA Technical Keychain + some suprise goodies.

It’s really easy to enter this one:

1. Like AURORA on facebook if you haven’t already
2. Share this blog post on facebook.
3. Leave a comment with your prefered AURORA hat below this blog post

The raffle is open until sunday the 31th of december 23:59 (GMT).
I will randomly choose a winner with and contact the lucky one via eMail,
so please don’t forget to leave you eMail address.

That’s it.

Good luck and have some great last weeks in 2013!



AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013
AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013
AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013
AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013
AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013

AURORA "Above" - Fall/Winter 2013


  1. David Halberstadt 13/12/2013 Reply


  2. tobias 13/12/2013 Reply

    Aurora hat charcoal

  3. tom ckl 13/12/2013 Reply

    lieber weihnachtsmann ich wünsche mir eine schwarze mütze….

  4. Florian Kamp 13/12/2013 Reply


  5. Daniel Pull 13/12/2013 Reply

    I like the burgundy the best!

  6. Kevin 13/12/2013 Reply


  7. Charles 13/12/2013 Reply

    The Charcoal for the win.

  8. Przemek 14/12/2013 Reply


  9. Sandra 14/12/2013 Reply

    classic black, pleasi

  10. Karl 15/12/2013 Reply

    5 Panel Cap – Bordeaux

  11. igor 15/12/2013 Reply


  12. Jakob vom Mond 15/12/2013 Reply


  13. Simon 15/12/2013 Reply

    back in BLACK

  14. George Delta 15/12/2013 Reply

    They are all so pretty but burgundy or black if I had do to choose one!

  15. PeteMok 15/12/2013 Reply

    knitted BLACK <3

  16. Chris Roberts 17/12/2013 Reply

    loving the charcoal

  17. Carsten 17/12/2013 Reply


  18. superduperju 17/12/2013 Reply

    raffle schmaffle

    bleu knit

  19. Tobias Rakete 18/12/2013 Reply

    The burgundy one is just rad!

  20. Aaron Keokham 19/12/2013 Reply

    The Aurora 5 panel cap in black and blue looks sick!

  21. Antonio V 19/12/2013 Reply


  22. Max 19/12/2013 Reply

    Black please! 🙂

  23. eyke 19/12/2013 Reply

    Ich hätte gerne ne Mütze in Marine blau. Das wäre klasse.

  24. tomo 19/12/2013 Reply

    black head nach 0711!

  25. Julia Südstern 19/12/2013 Reply

    Die blaue Mütze 🙂

  26. eh4ze 19/12/2013 Reply


  27. uli 20/12/2013 Reply

    dunkelrot fänd ich klasse!

  28. Felipe Panacotta 20/12/2013 Reply

    wahnsinnig gut alles von dir

  29. andre 20/12/2013 Reply

    Marine. Ahoi.

  30. rouven 21/12/2013 Reply


  31. Chris 23/12/2013 Reply


  32. Alex 30/12/2013 Reply

    Black Snapback. :-€

  33. Joghurtbecherimrucksack 30/12/2013 Reply


  34. Konstantin 30/12/2013 Reply

    schwarz bitte 😉

  35. Michael 30/12/2013 Reply

    The Burgundy for the steez!

  36. Maximilian Rabe 30/12/2013 Reply

    ich würde mich sehr über ne schwarze mütze freuen und der schlüsselanhänger sieht mega gut aus !! guten rutsch

  37. usl 30/12/2013 Reply

    Schwarz… war auch brav

  38. George 30/12/2013 Reply


  39. Cspr 30/12/2013 Reply


  40. Elias 30/12/2013 Reply


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