The AURORA “Stars” // “Wars” 5 Panel Cap collection

AURORA "Stars" // "Wars" 5 Panel Caps

2012 is about to end in two weeks and i’m really happy to drop these two beautiful 5 Panel Caps right in time.
It’s the second AURORA // Quickstrike release, after the first collection gained a lot attention and positive feedback.

We all loved these movies back in the days and we all have some kind of connection to them. I wanted something that not just looks cool, it should provide a story for me and remind me of these days. Everything around us is based on good or bad things, wars we fight every day and a lot beauty in just the smallest details we face everyday. So this 5 Panel Cap release is called “Stars” // “Wars”!

The “Stars” // “Wars” 5 Panel Caps are made from a high quality licenced STAR WARS cotton fabric (by Camelot Fabrics – Made in USA). To provide a perfect shape the caps are fully fused, feature a quality genuine soft leather buckle and brass side panel eyelets.
These 5 Panel Caps are carefully hand-crafted in rural New Zealand.

The AURORA “Stars” 5 Panel Cap features a blue universe with bright stars and starships printed all over.
The AURORA “Wars” 5 Panel Cap features a black galaxy with bright stars and fighting starships printed all over.

Each cap is unique and each cap looks different!
This Limited Edition comes with a hand-numbered and dated tag.
There are only 25 caps available of each colorway and they will never be reproduced.

So be quick and get yours before they are gone.
May the force be with you.

AURORA “Stars” // “Wars” 5 Panel Caps




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