April 2010: new stuff, call for photographers

Time for news!

First of all i would like to thank all the great people, who support AURORA and bought straps and shirts in the last months. I hope you all enjoy our work.
I’m really busy at the moment to get all orders on the way and besides this, i’m hard working on new stuff. So please don’t be mad at us, for a bit more waiting time. We are doing our best.
When everything works as we planned, the summer will be a great. Keep the 1st of august in mind.
Hopefully this is the date, when a whole new AURORA collection will launch and only be available through our onlineshop. There are severeal shirts in the making, a zipper, a jacket, a u-lock belt and much more…

Another heart-thing is a second issue of the AURORA artzine. Many of you ordered a copy of the first issue with the straps and i think most of you liked it. Sadly the first issue was released long ago and there wasn’t the time to get out the second one. But this summer i really would like to release it with the help of you all.
Some of you might wonder about the “collective” in the name, but this is exactly the point where i need all people around AURORA.
The second issue will have a focus on photography. I would love to get photographers from all over the world together and merge their best photographs together in this neet little AURORA magazine.

I’m looking for pictures from fixed gear and bike enthusiasts, bikes with AURORA straps, bikes with chicks, skateboarding, portraits, urban/streetlife connected with skateboarding or bike riding and stuff like that. But there is no must, if you got a picture that might fit, send it over aswell.
If you think you got quality shots, please drop a line and send over a preview to info(at)aurora-collective.com.

I’m really looking forward to your contributions and your work is not for nothing.
Every photographer who gets coverage in the magazine will be credited as he wishes and will receive a nice package as a thank you.

I’m really curious about all this and i hope you are too.
Thanks and stay tuned for more…

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