4th Stage: Ringköbing – Nibe

TdS 4th stage: Group rideThe 4th stage saw us riding one of the longest stages from Ringköbing to Nibe.
It had everything road cycling has to offer, not weather-wise but mental-wise. The first kilometers were really easy and a good roll-in. But again the danish car drivers showed that they are not really fans of cyclists. Endless kilometers on much used highways with little to no side stripe or bicycle lane. So many danish car drivers honked at us and missed our group with just centimeters. After a longer break at the haven the mood was much better and we continued our ride. The end of this stage brightens everything, with it’s awesome scenery, lakes, wide landscape views and of course, the sundown when we rode the last kilometers around a lake, where our camping site was located on. Luckily our team van was already there and the crew managed to completely built up our camp.
The whole team went to Nibe after relaxing a bit and we had a great diner together to end this day.

I managed to ride the full stage, approx 171 km! Sadly I had massive knee pains for the last 80 km again. Thanks to Paul and Danny to get me through the last kms.
TdS 4th stage: Denmark! TdS 4th stage: Harbor break TdS 4th stage: Harbor break TdS 4th stage: Group rideTdS 4th stage: More WaterTdS 4th stage: Nibe Camping TdS 4th stage: Wild Horses TdS 4th stage: Nibe Camping TdS 4th stage: Nibe CampingTdS 4th stage: Nibe Camping


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