6th Stage: Gothenborg – Kungshamn

TdS Stage 6: LandscapeThere we are. Sweden!
We had a great night and a good breakfast in our hostel in Gothenborg.
The sun was already shining on us and we were curious about the coming 155 kms of the 6th stage.
Kungshamn was our destination for today.
We started and after just a few kilometers we entered the swedish nature. The first ferry for today helped us cross a small fjord and showed us this regions beauty in the best possible way. We had empty side roads, ups and downs the whole day and also some short gravel roads.
TdS Stage 6: Private spaceThe sunshine was guiding us along shores, forests and small villages. The car drivers in sweden seemed to be much more relaxed than those in denmark. The only honks we received were to cheer us and with friendly waving hands!
We also entered a small harbor city to have a larger break with burgers, pizza, salat.
The ride was awesome, but we had several flat tires and events that causes a loss of time. The sun was already gone and darkness covered the roads of our last kilometers. But we managed to get everyone home safe. We pumped up our tents and cooked some noodles. Everyone was excited after this great day. I’d might be the best route most of us had ever ridden.

Thank you sweden!

This stage was about 160 km long, I forgot to start my garmin, but rode the whole tour. My knee still hurts but that’s not reason to stop pedaling. As Jens Voigt used to say: Shut up legs!
TdS Stage 6: First ferry TdS Stage 6: Road with a viewTdS Stage 6: Sweden like we know itTdS Stage 6: Private spaceTdS Stage 6: Crew
TdS Stage 6: Another Ferry TdS Stage 6: Sweden like we know it TdS Stage 6: Road with a view TdS Stage 6: Sweden like we know it TdS Stage 6: Crew! _1370157 TdS Stage 6: Fjords TdS Stage 6: Side roads TdS Stage 6: Side roads  TdS Stage 6: Hidden treasures TdS Stage 6: Side routes TdS Stage 6: First ferryTdS Stage 6: Perfect roads TdS Stage 6: Sunset on the last ferry


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