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  • 6th Stage: Gothenborg – Kungshamn

    TdS Stage 6: LandscapeThere we are. Sweden!
    We had a great night and a good breakfast in our hostel in Gothenborg.
    The sun was already shining on us and we were curious about the coming 155 kms of the 6th stage.
    Kungshamn was our destination for today.
    We started and after just a few kilometers we entered the swedish nature. The first ferry for today helped us cross a small fjord and showed us this regions beauty in the best possible way. We had empty side roads, ups and downs the whole day and also some short gravel roads.
    TdS Stage 6: Private spaceThe sunshine was guiding us along shores, forests and small villages. The car drivers in sweden seemed to be much more relaxed than those in denmark. The only honks we received were to cheer us and with friendly waving hands!
    We also entered a small harbor city to have a larger break with burgers, pizza, salat.
    The ride was awesome, but we had several flat tires and events that causes a loss of time. The sun was already gone and darkness covered the roads of our last kilometers. But we managed to get everyone home safe. We pumped up our tents and cooked some noodles. Everyone was excited after this great day. I’d might be the best route most of us had ever ridden.

    Thank you sweden!

    This stage was about 160 km long, I forgot to start my garmin, but rode the whole tour. My knee still hurts but that’s not reason to stop pedaling. As Jens Voigt used to say: Shut up legs!
    TdS Stage 6: First ferry TdS Stage 6: Road with a viewTdS Stage 6: Sweden like we know itTdS Stage 6: Private spaceTdS Stage 6: Crew
    TdS Stage 6: Another Ferry TdS Stage 6: Sweden like we know it TdS Stage 6: Road with a view TdS Stage 6: Sweden like we know it TdS Stage 6: Crew! _1370157 TdS Stage 6: Fjords TdS Stage 6: Side roads TdS Stage 6: Side roads  (more…)

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  • 5th Stage: Nibe – Gothenborg

    TdS 5: Todays departToday was a frantic stage. Our ferry from Frederikshavn to Göteborg was booked for 1400. So we had to arrive at the harbor by no later than 1330. But there where around 110 km for us to ride and so we sadly had to get up early. At 0830 the whole camp was packed and the ride began. It was a quick transfer ride without any special events. But as always we had several flat tires which costs us time and in the end, we made it to the ferry exactly in time with around 45 minutes left until the ship puts out to sea.
    We had 3,5 hours time to relax at the ferry, got some food and chilled under deck.
    As we finally arrived in Göteborg, we directly went to a cycling shop (CykelCity), to get some spare parts and made our way to the hostel. This is the first hostel we will spend our night in.
    We all where happy about a real bed, as we were really exhausted.
    We just rode across the whole country of denmark by bike within 5 days.
    The end of this day saw one group leaving to Göteborgs City centre to get some food there and stroll through the nightlife, while the other group cooked something in the hostel.

    We are finally in Sweden and we can’t wait to start our first stage over here.

    Today I rode again the whole tour, all in all it was about 123 km and my knees did a good job today.
    TdS 5: Aalborg TdS 5: Come in and find out TdS 5: View from the Ferry TdS 5: Men at work TdS 5: Represent Heimplanet at the Ferry TdS 5: Leaving the Ferry Gothenborg TdS 5: Gothenborg City TdS 5: Gothenborg City

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  • 4th Stage: Ringköbing – Nibe

    TdS 4th stage: Group rideThe 4th stage saw us riding one of the longest stages from Ringköbing to Nibe.
    It had everything road cycling has to offer, not weather-wise but mental-wise. The first kilometers were really easy and a good roll-in. But again the danish car drivers showed that they are not really fans of cyclists. Endless kilometers on much used highways with little to no side stripe or bicycle lane. So many danish car drivers honked at us and missed our group with just centimeters. After a longer break at the haven the mood was much better and we continued our ride. The end of this stage brightens everything, with it’s awesome scenery, lakes, wide landscape views and of course, the sundown when we rode the last kilometers around a lake, where our camping site was located on. Luckily our team van was already there and the crew managed to completely built up our camp.
    The whole team went to Nibe after relaxing a bit and we had a great diner together to end this day.

    I managed to ride the full stage, approx 171 km! Sadly I had massive knee pains for the last 80 km again. Thanks to Paul and Danny to get me through the last kms.
    TdS 4th stage: Denmark! TdS 4th stage: Harbor break TdS 4th stage: Harbor break TdS 4th stage: Group rideTdS 4th stage: More WaterTdS 4th stage: Nibe Camping (more…)

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  • 3rd Stage: Skaerbeak – Ringköbing

    TdS 3 Stage: PanoAs a cyclist, especially when you are on a longer tour, the weather plays a great role. Sure there are clothing and technical options for every situation, but you still have to ride and cope with it. Luckily the weather seem to like our Tour de Skandinavia and so it stays wonderful most of the time. The third day makes no exception. Again, we tried to get up as early as possible, had a foggy breakfast together and packed our van. We are getting used to this daily routine and got the job done quickly.
    Our route guided us to the dykes again, where we had to ride some gravel roads. Those caused flat tires again, but we are getting used to it. At least it gives some time to check out the surrounding and landscape.

    I rode the full stage, approx 154 km!TdS 3 Stage: Gravel roadsTdS 3 Stage: Group RideThe beautiful view at the waterfront and to our first longer stop behind Esbjerg shortens the waiting time.
    Entering Esbjerg we where amazed by all those mansions directly at the beach and the road right next to it. In a small village behind Esbjerg we took a short longer break and enjoyed some coffee and cappuccino next to the beach.
    TdS 3 Stage: Beach
    _1350029It was hart to leave and continue our route. The rest of todays route was characterized by strong head and cross winds, the stronger riders battled it out for the rest until we splitted in different groups for the last 15 kms and finished with our prefered speed. In my case – I rode a 32-35 kmh pace with Henne, had a nice conversation and a ice cold coke. Probably the best way to end a stage. With just some minutes behind the last riders arrived at the camping site and we cooked some noodles together, drank some beers and faded away the evening.
    Tomorrow will see our longest stage, let’s see how this will turn out.
    Harbor_1340996 (more…)

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  • 2nd Stage: Büsum – Skaerbeak

    TdS 2 Stage - LandscapeWell, the first day was full of rain and not really the best start. But we were looking forward to the 2nd stage and the first boarder to cross. The weather forecast was way better than yesterday and it proved to be right, a beautiful sunrise behind our tents helped to get up early and start our stage.

    TdS 2 Stage - North Sea
    Even our mechanic and faithful driver Luke wanted to get on a bike. So we changed the driver, Ingo took over the steering wheel, and Luke started with us. Sadly after just 15km he got stung by a wasp and had to break up the stage. The rest of the crew continued the stage and we rode our route to Denmark. Besides 4 (!) flat tires, both of our camera guys riding 75km of the stage and crossing the boarder with the best weather we could wish for, nothing really happened on this stage.

    I rode the full stage, approx 151 km!
    TdS 2 Stage - HorsesTdS 2 Stage - sharing is caringTdS 2 Stage - North Sea and sheepsWe arrived at our camping site as we planned and splitted up in groups – one prefered a fresh burger meal and the rest was cooking some noodles.
    In the end we all were tired after this long stage and went to bed early.
    There is another long stage to come…


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